Cadence is an apple watch app that represents your workout metrics as related, generative data visualisations instead of numbers. It's about repurposing data to help you have a better, more holistic workout experience.
Redesign and reframe an activity tracker through the lens of positive design. Conceptualise a radically different approach to a software application which supports exercising. One which is driven by psychological needs around well being and not by duty and competition.
Cadence is an important, if not fully understood, metric in both running and cycling. It relates to rhythm, energy expenditure and speed in various ways. Rather than focusing on one metric such as speed or heart rate the app takes the notion of flow, embodied by cadence, and balance between different metrics as a new way to understand your workout.

Concept sketching
Concept sketching
Concept sketching
Concept sketching
prototyping + Testing
Iphone companion app paper prototype testing
Early iteration paper prototype
User testing paper prototypes
Mid-fi prototype built in Adobe XD
Final Design
Final watch screenflow
Companion Iphone app
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